This debut novel is wrought with palpable emotion, leaving one engulfed in the feelings of the main character. Tackling issues not often addressed or unfairly judged, this writing brings humanity to people from every angle. It is the ultimate expression of God using what was meant to destroy someone to ultimately transform them in ways only He can. Everyone can walk away with an application from this beautiful novel! A striking first novel. I hope to hear much more from Britt in the future.

Deni T.


I finished your book in two days!!  It was amazing.  I cried and felt Jesus (and you) talking to me.  It was so well written and had the perfect sprinkle of Jesus . . . and the ferns (did I say amazing?)

 — Alicia S.


And I’m trying to think of a lie about why I can’t work so I can hide in my car and read all afternoon.

Ashley B.


You’re able to paint a picture with your words that allows the reader to really visualize the people and places Audrey encounters.  I love your descriptive accounts of the different characters and the various settings, as well as how you were able to describe Audrey’s own emotions.  It’s a good read for a shift in perspective too.

— Michelle G.


You are such a gifted storyteller.  I am really enjoying it.

Kim F.


I look forward to seeing you write more books.  God has big things coming for you and this book is just the start of it all . . . He gave you a talent to write and you are using it and it’s just the beginning!

— Erin B.


I finished your book!  Nothing to be ashamed of there!  All of it was well put together and climaxes to a wonderful end…”

— Paula K.


S.D., I so enjoyed your book.

— Debbie B.


I started reading the first couple of pages and already don’t wanna put it down!!  I’m not a big reader either lol, but the way you write has my attention and I love it!

— Shelby W.


I read my book already!  Oh my gosh! Beautifully written!

— Lore P.


A beautiful story of grace and mercy in the midst of hurt and chaos.

— Whitney C.