S.D. was born and raised in Louisiana, where the summers are sweltering and the seasons are Pollen, Mardi Gras, Crawfish, and College Football. She’s left the state for short periods, finding her way to Texas and New Mexico, but she’s always found herself coming back home. Although she did sneak the southwestern style back into the pelican state, who says Kokopellis and turquoise can’t blend with cajun motifs? Nah, we won’t tell her either.

Book reviewing since 2016, she’s been featured in San Francisco Book Review and Manhattan Book Review as well as finding herself on the coveted reviewer lists of Penguin Random House and HarperCollins to name a few. While she’s always adored reading from a young age, S.D. loves the creative aspect of writing stories herself. What originally began as a gift to her father transformed into a much bigger story than she had planned. But as any good writer would do, she pivoted! (“Pivot, pivaht, PIVAHT!”)

S.D. fervently believes in Godwinks and she knew this was one–a story that would push her to the brink of publishing! The first four chapters were sent to Trilogy Publishing and they wanted to sign a contract immediately, several shouts of joy and too many tears later, a book was born. The editing process is her Achilles heel–hold on for the ride though, it’s going to be a good one!

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